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September 14, 2001 Ministry Report

Fellow Missionary to the Preborn and street preacher, Michael O'Hare, from north central Wisconsin, joined me on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Michael was with me at the Planned Parenthood abortuary near Appleton on Wednesday morning. The Killer, Gary Prohaska, could not get here to do his bloody work, because no airplanes were flying, Praise God! About five cars came in and left within 10 minutes. I got literature to 3 or 4 of them.

We also did some street preaching along College Avenue, in downtown Appleton, that night. We preached that it was God's judgement on NYC and America, that caused the recent catastrophes. I preached that it was because we've murdered 40 million of God's children in the womb, that we no longer have God's protection, since we've insisted on living for ourselves, spurning God's commands. Most of those who responded were mockers, but a few seemed to listen. I plan to go out tonight as well, so I'd appreciate your prayers.

Yesterday (Thursday), Michael and I did a picket with the Rieth family, at Richmond St. and Capitol. That is the nearest busy intersection to the abortion mill. We were on the four corners of the intersection and spread out along one side of Richmond. I had left a couple signs leaning against poles, temporarily, to help get the Rieths set up. While I was across the street from my signs, I noticed a large pickup truck had driven up on the grass by my signs and a guy was grabbing them and throwing them into his truck. He had first tried to destroy them by bending them in half. Michael was over there, trying to get them back. I ran across two streets, saw one sign still in his pickup, and jumped in to throw it out, which I did.

Before I had a chance to get myself out of the pickup, however, the guy took off down the road at a high rate of speed. I began to pray at this point. I had no idea how I was going to get out of this situation. He was going way too fast for me to get out. Though he seemed to want to shake me out of the truck by hitting his brakes hard, he may have begun to have doubts about what he was doing, because he finally began to slow down after about a quarter mile. There were cars ahead of him, stopped at a stop sign.

I jumped out and began running back to the intersection. A motorist, who witnessed what happened, met me along the way and offered to drive me back. I was out of breath by that point, so I gladly took him up. He said he was undecided about abortion, but that since this is America, we should be able to express our point of view. He felt what the guy had done to us was totally wrong.

Michael had called 911 on his cell phone, immediately after I had been sort of kidnapped. I have never seen so many police arrive so quickly, after a prolifer called the police. That intersection is on the border of two jurisdictions, so we had Appleton City Police, Town of Grand Chute police, and Outagamie County Sheriff deputies. One of the sheriff deputies is a brother, who had helped us at the abortion mill before. I was glad to see him. He encouraged us to take appropriate actions. The corner the incident occurred on, was in the City of Appleton, so those officers took over. The guy in the truck returned and admitted to what he had done. He told the police that he acted that way because of what happened in America on Tuesday. I believe it was because the devil wasn't getting to feed on any children that day in our area, so he wanted to get us. The police handled the situation pretty well, though one officer seemed more sympathetic toward our attacker than us. They said they were going to arrest the driver, charge him with disorderly conduct and reckless driving, and asked for an amount to replace the signs that were damaged. After all that, we continued the picket for another 20 minutes and then Michael and I distributed Wisconsin Christians United literature house to house, before he had to leave.

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