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Special report:
Michigan abortionist accepts plea bargain in illegal late-term abortion case

Abortionist Jose Gilberto Higuera's medical license has been revoked as a result of his guilty plea to a charge of falsifying medical records. Because of Higuera's plea, prosecutors agreed to drop charges of committing a felonious abortion.

Higuera had been charged in 1996 with committing an abortion which killed a nearly seven month old unborn baby, and altering the medical records after he came under investigation. The alleged act violated a 1973 Michigan law which applies to cases where it is believed that the baby would have been expected to survive outside the womb and the abortion was not needed to protect the "life or health" of the woman.

The baby's mother said she was never told how advanced her pregnancy was, and that she had sought the abortion because she had divorced the baby's father and had other children. She underwent a $3,000, two-day abortion. Higuera's nurse brought the case to the state's attention.

Prosecutor Mark Blumer explained what made this abortion case a crime under Michigan law: "A woman went in to the doctor's office and wanted an abortion for no good reason. And we have a doctor who was willing to give it. That's why this case is so different."

Many women have sued Higuera for harming them in botched abortions. Most of the cases have been settled.

Early in 1999, the state suspended Higuera's medical license, finding he was "negligent, incompetent, and lacked good moral character." Higuera has reportedly stopped committing abortions and no longer lives in Michigan. In 1994, when the abortion occurred, he had abortion mills in Bloomfield Hills and Highland Park.

This page documents news reports about this case, and other reports relevant to abortionist Higuera. (Some breaking stories we haven't posted here yet could be on the news feed on our main news page.)

If possible, we also hope to provide you with a perspective on this case from some of the pro-life missionaries who have had personal experience with Higuera or the women and babies he targeted. (If you are one of these missionaries, please send us a message.)

The case was delayed for years in the courts. A district court had thrown out the charges, finding Michigan's criminal abortion statute to be unconstitutional. A circuit court agreed and threw out an appeal. But the state Court of Appeals reinstated the charges in February 2001.

Higuera will be sentenced on May 30. He will probably get probation, instead of the penalty he had been facing of up to four years in prison.

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