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If you have first-hand knowledge of a recent situation where a baby was saved, please Send us a message with the details. Please provide as much detail as possible.

We do not need to receive the actual names of all of the individuals mentioned in the report, but we expect you whenever possible to know the actual names of all of the individuals mentioned in the report, so that the report's authenticity can be verified if necessary. If you are changing the name of an individual, please surround the name of the individual with "quotation" marks so that we will know that it is not their actual name.

Whether or not we have the actual name of any individuals, we will always hide the identity of anyone at your request. Normally, the identity of any woman who had been considering abortion should not be published in any of our reports without permission.

If you have never submitted a report to us before, please include references (pastors, pro-life leaders, etc., who can vouch for your integrity). We also require everyone who wishes to be a part of this ministry to agree with the Apostles' Creed.

Thank you for being willing to join us in this exciting new life-saving venture, to bring the truth about babies saved from abortion to Christians throughout America!

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