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May 2001

•  Baby saved in spite of unjust injunction
•  Abortion mill employee displays aborted baby to save a baby's life
•  Teenager's baby saved in spite of parents' pressure
•  Florida mother celebrates Mother's Day with "miracle" baby
•  Prayer reaches through walls to save a life
•  Christians in the right place at the right time to save a baby's life

May 24, 2001

Baby saved in spite of unjust injunction

A child was saved from abortion Tuesday in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in spite of new police efforts to restrict pro-life ministry activities outside the Summit Women's Center abortion mill. Bridgeport police began enforcing an old injunction last week, even though it was enacted years ago against a different individual. The injunction prevents pro-lifers from going within 28 feet of the front door or within 5 feet of anyone entering. There have never been any acts of violence outside this abortion chamber, but many acts of violence have been committed against children and women inside the abortion center.

On Tuesday, a 21 year old Spanish-speaking women was dropped off across the street from the abortion mill, giving a pro-life counselor the opportunity to talk to her. After the counselor gave her Spanish literature and showed her pictures of her baby's development, the woman decided not to abort her baby.

As the early apostles discovered, no law of man can stand against the spread of the good news of Jesus Christ.

May 17, 2001

Abortion mill employee displays aborted baby to save a baby's life

A staff member at the "Orlando Women's Center" abortion chamber helped to save a child from abortion last Saturday. As the employee provided pre-abortion counseling to a woman, the employee sensed by the woman's tears that she had very mixed emotions about aborting her baby. The employee felt compelled to take unprecedented steps to help this woman.

She took the woman into a back room and showed her the body of an aborted baby, saying "is this what you want to happen to your child?"

Missionary Patte Smith stood outside, inviting women to see their preborn babies by ultrasound. The woman decided to accept Smith's offer. She walked out the door, and told Smith "I want to leave this place; I want to accept your help." Smith took the woman to a mobile pregnancy center in a nearby van, where she was able to see her little baby: the child she almost aborted.

God provides wonderful opportunities to help women and their children like this, as missionaries obey God by going to the places where children are being killed. Are you obeying God's call?

May 16, 2001

Teenager's baby saved in spite of parents' pressure

A 16-year-old pregnant girl planned to abort her baby last Thursday in Mission Hills, California, because her parents said they didn't want her to have a baby. The girl brought three friends with her to her abortion appointment. Rose Mary Leon, a pro-life missionary, tried to give the woman pro-life information from the sidewalk, but her "friends" took it away from her. She then entered the abortion mill's waiting room.

Later, she came out, asking Rose to help her find a place to stay. Rose directed her to a local pregnancy counseling center, which contacted several maternity homes. A pregnancy center volunteer also called the girl's mom to discuss the situation. The mother agreed to allow her daughter to come back home, and to help her through the pregnancy.

May 14, 2001

Florida mother celebrates Mother's Day with "miracle" baby

When 18-year-old Nicole Saia learned that she was pregnant, she gave in to her boyfriend's demand, going to an abortionist in Gainesville, Florida. She cried and told a counselor that she didn't want to abort her baby, but the counselor told the abortionist to go ahead.

Two days after being injected with an abortion drug, Nicole hoped that there might still be some way for her child to survive, so she told her parents what she had done.

Baby Alexandria
Nicole Saia holds baby Alexandria, as Nicole's mother and grandmother share in the joy.

Nicole's mother said "we're going to pray and put you into Jesus' hands, because this is definitely out of ours." When they called the abortion mill, they were told that the "embryo" was already dead. However, a pharmacist told them that the baby might be alive, but deformed.

Eventually, a doctor prescribed a drug to fight against the abortion drug. A pregnancy help center provided emotional support for Nicole throughout her pregnancy.

Yesterday, Nicole celebrated her first Mother's Day with her healthy newborn baby girl. The St. Petersburg Times featured the story of how this child's life was saved from abortion.

May 11, 2001

Prayer reaches through walls to save a life

A woman who lives in California's Mojave Desert asked a friend to drive her to Bakersfield on Tuesday. The friend agreed, not realizing that she was transporting the woman to have her baby aborted.

After the woman entered the abortion mill, her friend stood on the sidewalk talking to pro-life missionaries. When she realized that the woman must be aborting her baby, she ran to the waiting room, hoping that she could get her to change her mind. However, the woman had already been taken in back for the abortion.

Although she was distressed that she had missed her opportunity, the friend continued to pray with the missionaries, asking God to save the child's life. After about an hour, the woman came out of the killing center, with her child still alive!

God had heard the prayers from the sidewalk, and reached inside the walls of the abortion chamber to save the child's life, sparing the woman from the pain of abortion.

Can you take the time to pray outside your local abortion chamber? God may use your prayers to save lives.

May 5, 2001

Christians in the right place at the right time to save a baby's life

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, yesterday, a 22-year-old hispanic mother went to the "Summit Women's Center," planning to abort her her preborn baby. But the abortion mill turned her away when they realized that she was five months pregnant.

Last September, a woman was permanently injured at the Summit abortion chamber as they aborted her 20 week baby. Apparently as a result, Summit is now refusing to abort these older babies.

After leaving the abortion center, the young woman discussed her situation in Spanish with a pro-life missionary and a priest. The Christians provided her with information about local agencies offering help to pregnant women. As the woman cried, the priest and missionary prayed with her. Then they gave her a pair of baby booties.

The woman gave her phone number to the missionary, and assured her that she would not go anywhere else to have her baby killed.

This woman may never have entered a local church asking for help. But by being there, at the place and time when she sought to kill her child, the ministry of the Church touched this needy woman's life, and helped to save the life of her precious, living, moving child.

Are you letting God put you in the right place at the right time in your community?

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