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•  God sends an "angel" to help save teenager's baby
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•  Baby saved from late-term abortion in Wichita;
Pro-abortion activists arrested

•  Connecticut city abandons restrictions against pro-life ministry
•  Rejected girl finds safe haven
•  Sioux Falls couple chooses life after seeing graphic signs
•  Mysterious baby's cry saves three
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Jan. 7, 2004

Effective intercession in Fort Worth

Eight Christians gathered outside an abortion chamber near Fort Worth early on a recent Saturday morning. The Christians asked God to anoint the words that would be spoken there, and they sensed His presence surrounding them.

A pregnant woman named Olivia stopped to listen, but she continued inside the abortion center anyway. The Christians began calling on God to rescue Olivia, crying out her name as they prayed, sang, and preached.

A young woman walked out, saying that she had changed her mind. The Christians shared Jesus with her for several minutes, and she gave them a big hug.

Moments later, a couple left, saying that they too had changed their minds. The Christians continued to intercede for Olivia.

Just then, the door opened. Olivia walked out. She had changed her mind! One of the Christians brought Olivia to a nearby pregnancy help center, and Olivia responded with a big hug.

God used the faithful prayer and intercession of these Christians to snatch at least four children out of the abortion fire that Saturday in Texas.

Dec. 24, 2003

A biology professor's Christmas story

Calvin College biology professor Pete Tigchelaar has used a three-month fetus encased in plastic as an educational tool for almost three decades.

Prof. Pete Tigchelaar
Prof. Pete Tigchelaar

Last year, Tigchelaar was approached by a student who told him that a generation earlier her mother had been one of his students. She explained that when her mother was three months pregnant, and had scheduled an abortion for the following morning, Tigchelaar showed his students the three-month fetus encased in plastic.

After class, the young woman cancelled her abortion appointment. Eventually, she delivered a baby girl.

"I am that girl," the student informed the stunned professor. "Thanks for my life." Professor Tigchelaar was speechless.

"In this season when we celebrate the birth of someone who came to give each of us eternal life," Tigchelaar says, "I am reminded that the unwed Mary would have been the perfect candidate for a similar procedure. I am thankful that her response was, 'I am the Lord's handmaid. Be it to me as you say.'"

Dec. 20, 2003

Fear of tubal pregnancy saves baby's life

Menita, a teenage girl from Mojave, California, faced an unexpected delay in her abortion plans when no baby was seen in her womb on an ultrasound. She was instructed to return to the abortion chamber in two weeks, and given information regarding the warning signs of ectopic pregnancy.

As Menita left the abortion chamber, Christians outside encouraged her to go to the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center. Accepting the fact that a tubal pregnancy could become a medical emergency, Menita decided to stop hiding her pregnancy from her mother. Menita returned home, but when she broke the news to her mother, she fainted. Menita's mother rushed her to the hospital, where a doctor diagnosed her with a normal, early pregnancy.

Late that night, Menita and her mother called the Christian woman who had brought Menita from the abortion chamber to the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center. The mother glowingly thanked the Christian woman for being there to help her daughter, and to save the life of her precious grandchild.

Nov. 25, 2003

Father rejoices over rescued grandchild

When the parents of a pregnant young woman arrived recently at an abortion mill in Richmond Virginia, they were approached by Christians who were pleading for the lives of the children scheduled to be aborted. A few minutes later, the pregnant daughter arrived, and she was visibly affected by the Christians' words.

As the family entered the killing center, the girl's father told the Christians that he did not want her to kill the child. A short time later, the father came out and lifted clasped hands into the air as a sign that the baby had been saved.

The girl and her mother then came out of the abortion center, both of them crying. The pregnant young woman and her parents walked out to the sidewalk to thank the Christians for intervening for their child, and to ask for them to pray for the girl. The Christians joined together with this family, thanking God for the child He saved and asking for His continued protection.

Nov. 10, 2003

Mother thanks missionaries for her daughter's child

Missionaries to the Preborn of Milwaukee recently received a note from a mother whose daughter had planned to abort her baby. The note said "This is my precious granddaughter, who was born because of your interventions at one of our area high schools." Standing on the public sidewalk outside the girl's high school, the missionaries had given her literature which helped her decide not to abort her child.

Baby saved from MTP high school outreach

Missionaries to the Preborn responded by praising God, saying, "we thank the Lord for this little 'brand plucked from the burning'! May the Lord use this child to bring glory to His Name!" The note this mother wrote to the missionaries was written on the back of this photograph of her "precious granddaughter."

Nov. 1, 2003

A sign from God saves a Marine's child

As a young Marine tried to encourage his teenage girlfriend to enter an abortion chamber in Bakersfield, California, Terri Palmquist stood on the sidewalk pleading for the life of the child for about 20 minutes. Finally, the Marine gave in, and he and his girlfriend went across the street with Terri to the LifeHouse pregnancy help center.

At the LifeHouse, Terri asked him why he wanted his girlfriend to abort the child. He replied, "I'm not ready to be a father." Terri responded, "But you're already a daddy, and God was ready for you to accept this baby. Jesus said 'I came that you may have life, and have it more abundantly.' But Satan is the one that came to steal, kill and destroy."

When Terri said this, the Marine admitted that he had prayed that God would send him a sign if he didn't want them to abort the baby. He now realized that Terri was the sign, sent from God to save the life of his child.

Oct. 23, 2003

God saves a Marine's child from a satanic attack

A young Marine found out that his teenage girlfriend was pregnant, and the couple decided that they needed to abort the child so that they could hide what happened from their parents. As they entered an abortion chamber in Bakersfield, California, Christians standing outside pleaded with them for about 20 minutes, asking them to reconsider their decision.

The pregnant girl was touched by the offers of help, but her Marine boyfriend kept trying to convince her to go inside. Terri Palmquist, one of the Christians, challenged the Marine to show that he cared about what his girlfriend was going through: "you told her you love her when you were in bed with her; show her you love her now."

As the girl stood outside the abortion chamber crying, her Marine boyfriend showed no emotion. "Give her a hug and be there for her," Terri cried, "get her away from this place."

Finally, the Marine walked with his girlfriend to the sidewalk, and accepted the offer of help from the Christians. Next time on Voice for Life, we'll share more about how this child's life was saved.

Aug. 26, 2003

Celebration in the Philippines for a baby who was scheduled to die

A man traveled from the Philippines to Bakersfield, California, recently, to bring gifts to the Christians who operate the LifeHouse pregnancy help center. Along with the gifts, he brought photographs of a celebration which he and his wife held a few weeks ago in honor of their baby's first birthday.

"She's really your baby," the man said to the Christians at the LifeHouse. "If you hadn't been here, she wouldn't have been alive." A few weeks after the terrorist attacks of September 11, this couple had decided to abort their child in Bakersfield, concerned about the building anti-immigrant sentiment in America. But on the sidewalk outside the abortion chamber, they met Terri Palmquist, who operates the LifeHouse, and Terri helped them to realize that this child was a gift from God.

Today this happy child lives in the Philippines, a survivor of America's terrorism.

Aug. 25, 2003

Connecticut woman cries and her baby survives

Thirty Christians stood outside the "Summit Women's Center," an abortion business in Bridgeport Connecticut, on a recent morning. As twelve women entered this place of death, the Christians on the street prayed and offered help and literature.


One woman was brought to tears as she considered the life of the tiny child within her womb. She decided not to abort her baby, and accepted a gift of baby booties from the Christians as she left. Marilyn Carroll, one of the leaders of this street outreach, thanked the Lord for softening this woman's heart.

Faithfully witnessing outside this killing center for the past thirteen years, these Bridgeport Christians have witnessed 1156 children being saved, and helped 349 people accept Christ.

Sep. 17, 2001

Terrorist attack causes father to reconsider abortion decision

Last Tuesday was the most deadly day in America's history. But several children who were targeted for attack last Tuesday were saved.

Just a few hours after terrorists attacked New York and Washington, a young couple in Central California drove got in their car to make the hour-long trip from Porterville to Bakersfield. The couple's mission: to abort their third child.

When they arrived at the abortion center in Bakersfield, they were approached by Terri Palmquist, a local pregnancy evangelist, who seeks to offer Christ's truth in love to women who intend to abort their babies. Terri pleaded with the husband to consider their abortion decision in the light of the terrorists' attacks, asking him to consider whether God could be judging our nation by lifting His hand of protection to bring us to repentance for killing innocent children.

"I've been thinking about that," the man admitted. Terri challenged him to take charge of the situation, as the head of his household. He thanked Terri for the reminder of his responsibilities as a husband, and began to join Terri in her efforts to persuade his wife not to abort their child. Eventually, they were successful, and the couple drove back to Porterville, determined to let their child live.

Sep. 1, 2001

Spiritual "assault" saves teenager's baby

Last Saturday in Fort Worth, a teenage girl was brought by her mother to an abortion center. The girl was offered an information packet by a Christian group called the Jericho Mission, and she stopped to talk to them. When Missionary Dan LaFreniere told her about Jesus' love, she began to cry. LaFreniere asked her mother if she wanted this baby to die. The mother did not respond.

After listening to the Christian witnesses, the girl and her mother eventually entered the killing center. LaFreniere asking the Christians to join together and pray for the girl, pleading with God for a "spiritual assault." He prayed that God would have the people inside the abortion mill see the blood of the babies, smell the stench of death, and hear the babies' cries. Unbeknownst to LaFreniere, two others about 30 feet away from them were independently sensing the need to join together and pray for these same things at the exact same moment.

Suddenly, the girl and her mother rushed out. The girl indicated that she was keeping her baby, while the mother's angry face displayed her unchanged feelings. As they sped off, the abortionist arrived, but he was too late to claim at least one of his victims.

Aug. 30, 2001

Pregnant mother of rescued baby helps save friend's baby

Yesterday we told you about a teenager we called "Jolene," who decided not to abort her baby on Saturday, after an encounter outside a Southern California abortion chamber with a woman she thought was an angel. (The "angel" turned out to be Rose Mary Leon, a pro-life missionary.)

After Jolene repented of her decision to abort her child, she immediately thought of a friend of hers who had also wanted an abortion. Jolene contacted her friend, hoping that she would be able to help her to change her mind.

Jolene told her friend "we can be pregnant together, and then your child can be friends with my child." And so, another baby was rescued from abortion. When a woman has been
influenced not to abort her own child, God will often use her to influence other women not to abort their children.

So, when a pro-life missionary like Rose Mary Leon is used by God to save just one baby, only Heaven knows just how many children will ultimately be saved as a result.

Could you let God use you to save "just one" child?

Aug. 29, 2001

God sends an "angel" to help save teenager's baby

A seventeen-year-old girl we'll call "Jolene" drove to an abortion center in Mission Hills, California, on Saturday morning. As she pulled into the parking lot, she noticed a woman on the sidewalk, offering pro-life literature. Jolene told the woman that she was scheduled for an abortion. Soon Jolene began to cry, and after just a few minutes of talking, she knew she couldn't abort her baby. The woman on the sidewalk invited Jolene to breakfast, but she said she had to leave.

After she drove away, Jolene decided to return, so that she could go to breakfast with the mysterious woman who had helped her. But as she entered the parking lot, the woman was gone.

Jolene decided to talk to a friend about the woman she had met. "Maybe she was an angel," the friend said. "Could it be?" Jolene wondered.

Jolene decided to try to dial the phone number the woman on the sidewalk had given to her. The woman who answered the phone was Rose Mary Leon, the pro-life missionary who had been on the sidewalk. Rose assured Jolene that she wasn't an angel, but just a regular person who was following God's call to help women and their babies.

"It was a beautiful thing that you were there for me," Jolene told Rose.

God used this experience to save not one baby, but two. Come back tomorrow to find out more.

Aug. 9, 2001

Post-abortion testimony helps to save a child

A child was saved from abortion last Saturday in Fort Worth, Texas. The child's mother is just a young girl. As the girl was being driven to the Westside abortion center on Saturday, 34 Christians had assembled outside the killing center to worship God, read Scripture, and pray. The group also displayed large signs with photographs of aborted babies.

When the girl saw the signs, she began to cry. As the car pulled into the parking lot, one of the Christians called out to the girl, pleading with her not to abort her baby. The girl listened as the Christian woman shared the pain of her own abortion, and how she wished someone had been there to stop her. She told her that God will provide a way out.

In spite of what she had seen and heard, the girl entered the abortion mill. But soon she came back out and told the woman she had spoken to that she had changed her mind: she would keep her baby. The woman's testimony, along with the signs, had touched her heart.

If you have experienced abortion, God can use your pain--and your repentance--to save many lives. Will you let Him use you?

Aug. 4, 2001

Child saved by Mission Hills sidewalk ministry

At least two children were saved from abortion last Saturday in Mission Hills, California. One woman came with her husband and three-year-old son to the abortion mill. Sidewalk counselor Rose Mary Leon encouraged the woman to forego abortion, then she said to the boy "tell mommy you want a little brother or sister." The woman entered the building anyway.


Later in the day, the woman came out and told Leon that she had changed her mind. Leon congratulated the woman, and asked "what made you change your mind?" The woman answered, "you."

If you place yourself in the right place at the right time, God can literally use you as His tool to save someone's life, just as He used Rose Mary Leon to save this child's life. Are you willing to let God use you?

July 19, 2001

Baby saved from late-term abortion in Wichita
Pro-abortion activists arrested

A woman who appeared to be in the later stages of pregnancy came to abortionist George Tiller's abortion chamber in Wichita, Kansas, yesterday, planning a late-term abortion. But as she approached Tiller's compound, she came upon hundreds of Christians, praising God in song and prayer. Two pro-life sidewalk counselors from Connecticut caught her eye as she walked up to the barricades set up by Wichita police.

Instead of entering Tiller's killing center, the woman chose to go next door to a pro-life medical clinic, where the woman and her preborn child received competent medical help instead of being subjected to abortionist Tiller's knife.

Pro-life missionaries from around the nation are joining with Wichita Christians this week for Operation Save America's "Summer of Mercy Renewal." Pro-abortion activists erupted into violence against the peaceful Christians outside Tiller's compound yesterday. Two of the pro-abortion activists were arrested and charged with battery.

June 16, 2001

Connecticut city abandons restrictions against pro-life ministry

A police order in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was abruptly rescinded yesterday. Facing a federal lawsuit, the police decided to stop infringing on the constitutional rights of the street ministry outside the Summit abortion center. Black paint was used to erase the white buffer line which had been painted on the street on May 18.

Marilyn Carroll, a leader of the street ministry, said "God heard our prayers again and has allowed us to stay on the public sidewalk as we reach out to the lost and the needy with the gospel of Christ." At least two babies were saved yesterday, and three other women turned away from the killing center as the pro-life ministry proclaimed the truth without the previous obstacles.

Throughout the time that police were illegally limiting this ministry, the pro-lifers refused to abandon God's call on their lives. At least 11 babies were saved while the ministry was being restricted.

The legal action against the city will continue, according to American Family Association attorney Michael J. DePrimo, who said "We intend to vigorously pursue the full and final resolution of this matter in order to vindicate the rights of our clients."

June 9, 2001

Rejected girl finds safe haven

Her father kicked her out of her home because she was pregnant. So, a desperate 15-year-old Hispanic girl scheduled an abortion yesterday at the "Summit Women's Center" in Bridgeport, Connecticut. As the girl and her mother approached the abortion mill, sidewalk counselor Carmen Vazquez noticed them, offering them Spanish language information about the dangers of abortion and the pro-life help available.


Two abortion escorts noticed Vazquez talking to the girl and her mother, and came over to try to convince them to come into the abortion chamber. But the girl resisted, agreeing instead to let the pro-lifers bring her to an unwed mother's home, where she will stay and be trained.

Bridgeport police recently began preventing pro-lifers from getting close to the abortion center, but Vazquez was alert enough to notice the girl before she entered the prohibited area. By following the Scriptural command to "watch and pray," Vazquez and other sidewalk counselors are used by God to save children who otherwise would have been aborted, and to bring the Good News to their mothers.

June 8, 2001

Sioux Falls couple chooses life after seeing graphic signs

A group of traveling pro-life missionaries lined the streets of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on Monday, displaying giant pictures of aborted babies and distributing gospel literature. One of the missionaries, Mark Gabriel of Appleton, Wisconsin, reported that at least one couple who intended to abort their baby decided instead to let their child live after seeing the display. Some post-abortion women reportedly decided to go to the Alpha Center, a local pregnancy help center, for post-abortion counseling after seeing the signs.

The Alpha Center in Sioux Falls is located in a building which formerly housed a Planned Parenthood abortion center. In the same building where babies had been aborted, women can now see their preborn babies by ultrasound.

The pro-life missionaries continue their tour today in Montana. Next week the missionaries will spread the pro-life message in various cities in Colorado and Nebraska.

June 3, 2001

Mysterious baby's cry saves three

A baby's cry pierced the silence in the waiting room of the Summit Women's Center abortion chamber in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on Tuesday. Three women who were waiting to abort their babies apparently heard the baby's cry and left the abortion mill, deciding not to abort their babies.

The source of the baby's cry could not be identified. Pro-life missionaries speculated that the sound could have come from a baby being aborted, or perhaps it was a baby's blood literally crying out from the ground.

Although Bridgeport police continue to enforce an oppressive injunction against the pro-life street ministry, babies continue to be saved. Almost a thousand babies are known to have been saved by the Bridgeport pro-life ministry since 1990, with hundreds praying to receive Christ as Savior.

Jesus promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church. But are Christians in your community going to the gates of Hell?

Visit our archives for older reports

The Voice For Life radio broadcast will be a daily effort to inform Christians nationwide about the greatest (but often hidden) news of the pro-life movement: individual babies who were saved from abortion.

The broadcast will direct listeners to come to this website for more information, and the website will encourage listeners to become involved in baby-saving activities in their local area.

In order for this program to be possible, we will need pro-life ministries around the nation to begin sending us reports of babies saved from abortion. When we are receiving at least five usable reports every week, we will launch the broadcast.

Initially, the Voice For Life program will be carried on the Truth Radio Network satellite and on the internet.

If you would like to participate in this effort, please contact us!

Voice For Life is a ministry of LifeSavers Ministries, Inc., currently under the leadership of Tim and Terri Palmquist .

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