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September 15, 2001 Report

Yesterday 9/14/2001, I went to the Calabasas mill only to find it closed. PTL. I met the new owner, who said the place is temporarily closed for remodeling and that it will reopen for plastic surgery. He very explicitly said there will be no more abortions in the building, that all abortion equipment has been removed, and that all 3 operating rooms will be equipped for plastic surgery only.

However, Eve Surgical Center still has its West Los Angeles location. Please pray that WLA location will close too.

Thursday 9/13/2001 in Mission Hills, I met one of Lucy's saves. I'll call her "Shannon". Back in 1999, Shannon went to Mission Hills for an abortion, and sidewalk counselor Lucy Vargojcic spoke with her before she entered the mill. And then, "I couldn't go through with it," Shannon said. Shannon's son Tyrone was born Jan. 19, 2000, and I met him Thursday. Shannon said of the day she met Lucy: "I almost got rid of him [Tyrone]. I probably would have done it if she hadn't been here." And she picked up Tyrone and kissed him.

Unfortunately, Shannon was at the Mission Mills mill on Thursday, because she brought a friend for an abortion. I gave Shannon literature and counseled her on how to counsel her friend. Shannon went in the buiding and talked with her friend and gave her the literature. Shannon came out and told me: "She's not sure whether she is pregnant, so she is getting a test to find out. But if she is pregnant, she is not going to have an abortion." PTL. (An update on Shannon is included in my September 21 report.)

Today, Saturday 9/15/2001, I went to Mission Hills. There were no encouraging results that I know of. I talked with a 17-year-old who said she doesn't want a baby yet. I explained that she already has a baby growing inside her, and I discussed fetal development with her. The teenager coldly remarked: "It won't have a heartbeat anymore when I leave here today." I responded: "I am going to pray for you that God will put mercy on your heart for your child. This is your own son or daughter. What is your name? I will pray for you by name." She told me her name. As she entered the building, I told her: "I am praying that you will come out of this building still pregnant." I left before she came out, so I don't know what happened.

A new volunteer showed up today. Teresa says she has the gift of intercession, and that this ministry is a good avenue for using her gift. And Teresa said: "I can counsel, too." PTL.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Rose Mary Leon

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