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September 21, 2001 Report

"Shannon" of last week's report has confirmed that her friend that she brought to Mission Hills for abortion on Thursday Sept. 13 is pregnant and has changed her mind about abortion. She's keeping her baby. PTL! So that's one save from last week.

Meanwhile, we also had a save this week. The save happened yesterday, Thurs. 9/20/2001. I'll call the mom "Andrea". Andrea acknowledged that she is pregnant and she said: "I am not going to keep it." I asked whether she was planning to place the baby for adoption, and she said no. Then I asked whether she was intending to abort, and she said yes. Then I told her the King Solomon story and asked her which kind of mother she is. I shared other scriptures with her as well. I also discussed fetal development, and the risks of abortion.

Andrea listened; she heard me out. But then she said: "I have an appointment" I told her: "You have an appointment with death, and you don't have to keep that appointment." Then she said: "I've already made up my mind, and my husband agrees." I told her: "You can still change your mind." Then I discussed patients' rights with her. Andrea allowed me to pray with her. I prayed that the attractive exterior of the building would not deceive Andrea, and that she would be repelled by the horror of the place; that she would shudder as she entered the abortion facility, and would leave immediately.

Well, that's what happened. Andrea was in and out of the building in less than five minutes. PTL! As Andrea was leaving, she told me that she wants to discuss the decision with her husband again. Please pray for this couple.

I've had an increase in volunteers who join me at the sidewalk.

On Tuesday 9/18, Jennifer joined me. Thursday, Ann and Diane joined me. Today, Teresa and Sheryl will join me. Saturday, Teresa will join me again. I'm encouraged by the volunteers.

Besides Thursday at Mission Hills this week, I also went to Mission Hills on Tuesday 9/18, and I plan to go to Van Nuys today, and to Mission Hills again on Saturday 9/22.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Rose Mary

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