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Dear family and friends,

Victory and holiness!

We won this morning! The unjust personal protection order against me has been canceled by Judge McGraw. This new tactic of the abortionists failed to silence street preaching and ministry at the Saginaw abortion mills.

Mrs. Qualman tried to clarify her job, "It's to terminate pregnancy, not children."

This abortion mill manager thought that because the local police, the FBI, and the U.S. Marshals told her to get a personal protection order against me, that that made it right. The judge saw through that. Her testimony included some lies and concluded clearly that she doesn't understand God or the U.S. Constitution.

There may be a class action lawsuit against abortionists and a tyrannical government for abusing pro-lifers this way. The information uttered in court this morning would be very helpful to that end.

Thanks for praying. Trish is very relieved.

I am shouting GLORY all the way,

Cal Zastrow

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