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August 4, 2001 Ministry Report

I just returned from the Missionaries to the Preborn, Unmasking Planned Parenthood Tour through Wisconsin. We had 60-70 people, including many young people. It was a great time of speaking out for the preborn using the large photograph signs along busy intersections and handing out thousands of pieces of literature.

We began in Kenosha, where the small group of local prolifers who picket their PP, were greatly encouraged. I spent half the day outside that Kenosha Planned Parenthood. From the sidewalk, outside the door, I warned the workers of the spiritual consequences of their actions and urged them to repent. I warned the women going in, of the effects of abortafacient drugs on conceived children, and the harmful effects of all kinds of birth control on their bodies. I preached from the Word of God that children are a blessing and that married couples should trust Him for the number of children they have. God said "Be fruitful and multiply." I also preached against sexual immorality.

In response, some came out to hand us condoms given them by Planned Parenthood. Condoms that our tax dollars paid for, no doubt. To make sure that no one would ever use the condoms handed me, I broke them open and threw them on the ground in front of their door. They called the police, and for quite a while it sounded like they were going to give me a ticket, but later said they wouldn't.

The attitude of the officer that came out after someone kicked my sign and put a big gash in it, was completely different. He was annoyed that I called him out at all, and told me to just put some tape on it.

In Oshkosh we lined up along the entrance / exit to the EAA Air Venture. It's a big airplane gathering and they have air shows and planes to look at. It attracts thousands of people. While holding our signs, someone counted license plates from 37 different States and Canada. Before leaving the Fox Cities, while we had a little free time, five brothers joined me to do some street preaching in downtown Appleton. We took out three large banners which show the murdered preborn, or have messages like, "Why is the Church Silent." While we took turns proclaiming truth from God's Word, others passed out tracts, literature against PP, or got into conversations with people. We spoke to many young people. We sought to show people their need for the Savior and urge them to repent and believe, then live a holy life, set apart for God's purpose.

Our two stops in Wisconsin Dells, a week ago, were really good ones too. There was a lot of traffic and a lot of interaction with people. The manager of the restaurant we ate at, was an old rescuer. He spent 15 minutes beside our table telling us about how he and other prolifers fought to prevent funding for PP in their county.

Saturday evening through Monday morning we stayed at a camp beside a lake, near Chippewa Falls. We went to two small cities on Monday, Rice Lake and Hayword. Again we had a great deal of interaction with people on the street in both towns. I spoke to a group of rebellious teenagers and confronted two girls on their immoral and immodest attire. Some of them followed us to where we gathered and prayed at the end of our time there. One group wrote profanities directed at us, all over the windows of their vehicle. We cheered when we saw a squad car pull them over!

Last Thursday, our stop in Lake Geneva was another really good one! Lake Geneva is another big tourist town, like Wisconsin Dells and Hayword. A lot of wealthy people from around Chicago take vacations there. We had much interaction with people along the downtown shopping area, while on the sidewalks. I passed out a lot of literature and held a banner. In the afternoon, we split into five groups and went to different parts of the city. I led one group outside the Planned Parenthood site. It was hard to find, since they share a building with others and had a very small sign on the building next to their door.

We completed the tour in Milwaukee, yesterday, outside the State Fairgrounds. I passed out literature to cars near the highway, the whole time, but we had people all over, handing out literature to the many pedestrians. Our sign display lined two major streets along the fairgrounds, 84th Street and Greenfield Avenue.

I thank the Lord for the loud and clear message that went forth to end abortion and the evil work of Planned Parenthood. We proclaimed, "America Repent!" Thank you to all who prayed for us. May we all be found busy about doing the Lord's work.

Mark Gabriel

P.S. Before I went on the Wisconsin Tour with the Missionaries to the Preborn, I was in Wichita, Kansas with Operation Save America. My last day at Tiller's abortuary was Thursday. Please read Cal Zastrow's report which included a horrifying account of what happened on Friday.

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