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Special report: Abortionist Kristin Neuhaus


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The following report is from Rusty Thomas of Elijah Ministries

"O God, You have taught me from my youth; and to this day I declare Your wonderful works. Now also when I am old and grayheaded, O God, do not forsake me, until I declare Your strength to this generation, Your power to everyone who is to come." (Psalm 71:17,18)

Two weeks before I left for Mexico, Esther, a KLI graduate from Wichita, gave me a call about our upcoming KLI in her city. During the conversation she mentioned that it was sometimes discouraging being involved in the battle at the Central Abortion Mill. I immediately sought to strengthen her resolve to stay faithful and to encourage her that help was on the way. I reminded her that another KLI was planned that would prayerfully increase the Lord’s Army of young people at the gates of hell. I also reminded her that Operation Save America was coming on the heels of KLI with a national event to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Summer of Mercy. Surely between these two events the Lord would give added grace and raise up more good soldiers of Jesus Christ to aid in this battle.

Well, when I returned from Mexico, lo and behold, the Lord did not wait for another KLI or for our national OSA event. He just encouraged His weary daughter, Esther, by shutting the Central Abortion Mill down before we even got there. May 28th, 2001 was the last day of slaughter. The abortionist Kristin Nuehaus Caddell quit killing children in Wichita. Though she still has an abortion mill in Lawrence, KS, her husband recently told a faithful sidewalk counselor the plan is to have his wife and the mother of his children come back home and to completely get out of the abortion business. Please pray that not only God delivers them out of child-killing and the shedding of innocent blood, but that He would grant them the gift of repentance, that He would save their souls, and have them ready to give a powerful testimony at our OSA event in July. All things are possible, especially when abortionists start to leave the darkness and come towards the light.

The media spin on this glorious victory is that the Caddell’s were fearful of violence, especially in light of the fact that OSA was coming back into town. There is however another perspective, one that was written by Steve Mashburn, a local Wichita minister. Steve’s desire was to set the record straight, in spite of what the media reported. Reading his perspective brought me to tears and encouraged my heart to see how the Lord is using OSA and its outreach to youth, the KLI, to inspire, train, and send forth the next generation of leaders. The Lord is using these young people in a powerful way to plunder the gates of hell and to advance His righteousness and Kingdom in the earth. There is hope in Jesus’ Holy Name!

The real truth is that last year when Rusty Thomas held a Kingdom Leadership Institute here in Wichita, 5 teenagers made a commitment to pray, preach, sing and display Jesus and the truth about abortion until the 1-day-a-week mill on Central closed. Joined by a couple of sidewalk counselors and Jeff & Michelle Herzog (who moved to Wichita because God told them to), these shared the love of Jesus faithfully each killing day week in week out.

At first they were met with nothing but hostile resistance. Then the witness of Jesus’ love and God's Word began to bear fruit. The retired cop whom Mike Caddell paid $300/week to guard the mill for about 6 hours on Fridays decided to quit and found a job in Arizona outside of the abortion industry. This left Mike Caddell with 1 paid deathscort, Rex, and he had to come guard the mill himself (actually, he needed to be here to hear the Gospel and see the love of God in action). Soon Mike hired another guy, but he quit, too.

Numerous conversations were held with Mike Caddell asking questions about the Scriptures. After calling the police each week on Christians singing (maybe crying wolf a few times too often), Mike and Rex began requesting hymns. For the past couple of months, it's been sing, preach, pray all we want with no police.

Kristin Neuhaus Caddell (the killer & wife) is in hot, hot water with the KS Board of Healing Arts (hard to do with THIS board) to top it off. Now, Mike & Kristin Caddell are fleeing what they *think* is the source of the conviction. Any fear or dread they now have is the terror of the Lord. Knowing these young teenagers came out of a KLI with another KLI here this June, they have good reason to expect these gentle warriors for Christ to multiply. Add to the mix the Summer of Mercy Renewal this summer and rather than face the Church BEING the Church, they caved in and will *try* to hide with her mill in Lawrence, KS. O Holy Spirit pursue!!!

Voice For Life special report on Neuhaus

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