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Special report: Abortionist Kristin Neuhaus


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Special report:

Facing charges of abortion without woman's consent

Kansas abortionist escapes punishment... for now

Kansas abortionist Kristin Neuhaus, who was accused of committing an abortion against a patient's wishes, will not be punished for her unprofessional actions under an agreement approved by the Kansas Board of "Healing Arts." The Board will merely require Neuhaus to keep a more detailed consent form and comply with the law.

Neuhaus continues committing abortions in Lawrence, although she stopped committing abortions in Wichita at the end of May. But financial problems may force Neuhaus to close her Lawrence abortion mill, which is reportedly $40,000 in debt, due to legal expenses and the impact of being temporarily shut down last year.

An investigation had found that Neuhaus failed to follow various medical safety procedures, and committed an abortion on a woman who had withdrawn consent.

"I'm concerned that the Kansas Board of Healing Arts is not doing what its job is supposed to be, and that is to monitor physicians and make sure they are upholding the standard of medical care," Jeanne Gawdun of Topeka told a reporter for the Lawrence Journal-World.

"If the Board of Healing Arts is unwilling to take action to protect the public from the shoddy medical practices of Kristin Neuhaus, at least her diminished practice will prevent more women from becoming her prey," explained Joan Hawkins, executive director of Kansans for Life.

This page will document news reports about this case, and other reports relevant to Neuhaus. (Some breaking stories we haven't posted here yet should be on the news feed on our main news page.)

We also hope to provide you a perspective on this case from some of the pro-life missionaries who have ministered to women in the Wichita and Lawrence areas. (If you are one of these missionaries, please send us a message.)

"Based on a reading of the record, it appears that Neuhaus has been running an assembly-line abortion factory where all the women receive the same amount of sedation with no accounting for unique physical or medical histories. The record shows there was a failure to complete medical exams and syringes were found pre-loaded. Her history is finally catching up to her - I only wish the Board would," Hawkins concluded.

Why didn't the National Organization of Woman and other "women's rights activists" stand up against Neuhaus for violating her patient's "choice"?

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