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Special report: Abortionist Kristin Neuhaus


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May 10, 2001

Neuhaus stops committing abortions

Please note: this press release falsely implied that Neuhaus would no longer commit any abortions. Please read our other news reports on Neuhaus for clarification.

Wichita, KS -- Abortion practitioner Kristin Neuhaus announced Thursday she will no longer perform abortions. Neuhaus had been charged by state investigators with performing an abortion on a woman who had withdrawn consent. Neuhaus has denied the allegation through her attorney.

"This is a major victory for the pro-life movement and women in Kansas. Neuhaus not only was killing babies in Wichita, but she was also performing bad medicine," noted Kansans for Life Executive Director Joan Hawkins.

Just recently, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts delivered a reprimand to the executive director and board for granting a continuance to Neuhaus. She had been scheduled for a public hearing to culminate the 18- month disciplinary investigation.

"If the Board of Healing Arts is unwilling to take action to protect the public from the shoddy medical practices of Kristin Neuhaus, at least her diminished practice will prevent more women from becoming her prey. We hope the Board will take action to protect the public by restricting her ability to practice anywhere in Kansas," Hawkins explained.

The Board's findings included: failure to document patient adverse reactions, failure to perform physical exams, failure to monitor and document patient vital signs, failure to record drug dosage, failure to assess for discharge, failure to hold patient until recovery. The most alarming findings were the administration of sedation against a patient's consent, abortion without a patient's consent, and failure to provide informed consent.

According to the board, one women gave limited consent to abortion without sedation. When she withdrew consent and tried to leave, Neuhaus and staff sedated her and performed the abortion.

The Board first became aware of Neuhaus' questionable medical practices after a DEA investigation in 1999, after which all of her employees were subject to random drug testing. In August of 2000, the Board declared Neuhaus to be an "immediate threat." In total, Board findings included 11 counts of ordinary negligence, 2 counts of gross negligence, 4 counts of failure to provide informed consent, 3 counts of failure to provide appropriate consent, 5 counts of unprofessional conduct and 4 counts for failing to maintain patient medical records.

"Based on a reading of the record, it appears that Neuhaus has been running an assembly-line abortion factory where all the women receive the same amount of sedation with no accounting for unique physical or medical histories. The record shows there was a failure to complete medical exams and syringes were found pre-loaded. Her history is finally catching up to her - I only wish the Board would. Any statements made by Neuhaus that she is leaving practice because her life is in danger can only be to cover up the allegations against her," Hawkins concluded.

For additional information, contact: Kansans for Life, 2501 East Central Avenue, Wichita, KS 67214-4511, (316) 687-5433

Voice For Life special report on Neuhaus

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