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This is NOT intended to be an exhaustive list of pro-life ministries, but only includes ministries which have specifically agreed to cooperate with Voice For Life. For a more complete list of links to other ministries (not necessarily associated with Voice For Life), click here.

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San Fernando Valley, California Santa Maria, California Fresno, California Bakersfield, California Appleton, Wisconsin Fort Worth
Do you know of a ministry or missionary who should be included on this list? Please tell us so that we can ask them if they want to participate with Voice For Life!

Local ministry list

The local ministries and/or pro-life missionaries listed here have agreed to cooperate with Voice For Life* by providing reports of babies saved.

To get involved in a ministry in your local area, click on the appropriate link below.

For more information on how to get involved in pro-life ministry, click here.

* Listing a ministry as "cooperating" with Voice For Life merely indicates that the ministry has agreed to furnish reports of babies saved to Voice For Life. This does not imply that the ministry endorses or supports everything included in Voice For Life broadcasts or on this website. Nor does it imply that Voice For Life endorses or supports everything done by each cooperating local ministry (although we wholeheartedly support and endorse their efforts to save babies' lives). If you know of any reason that we should not cooperate with a particular ministry, please contact us. (Criticisms which are focused on scriptural issues will be taken more seriously.)

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