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Rose Mary Leon

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August 28, 2001 Report

Monday 8/20/2001, in Canoga Park, I was at an abortion center, but it apparently was not an abortion day.

On Thursday 8/23/2001, in Mission Hills, there was one driveaway. Two women stopped their car in the driveway and accepted literature. They never went into the building, they just drove away. PTL.

TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL? On Saturday 8/25/2001, in Mission Hills, there was one save. "Jolene", 17, stopped her car in the driveway to accept literature. She acknowledged she was there for abortion. I asked her why, and she started to cry. So I suggested she park her car and then come talk with me. So she did. Jolene changed her mind, and she left without going into the building. What is unusual about Jolene is how freely she has expressed gratitude for the fact that I was there for her. We exchanged phone numbers, and Jolene expressed a strong desire to see me again.

Later that afternoon, Jolene called me. She told me that she had returned to the abortion center ... [uh oh, I thought] ... to find me, but I wasnt there ...[whew!]. Jolene said she told a friend how she had gone for an abortion and some woman was there for her and helped her change her mind, then Jolene went back to find the woman, and the woman was gone. Jolene and her friend were speculating that I might be an angel. I assured Jolene that I am a regular person, not an angel.

Jolene and I got together today and shared a meal. Jolene told me that she has a pregnant friend who was about to have an abortion, and Jolene talked her out of it, saying: "We can be pregnant together, and then your child can be friends with my child." This demonstrates the "one saved/many saved" phenomenon: Once a woman has been persuaded to forego abortion, she will persuade others to do the same.

Jolene said: "It was a beautiful thing that you were there for me." Sadly, most women going for an abortion find no one outside the abortion center offering life-affirming alternatives. Why don't more people take the time to be there for women like Jolene?

Rose Mary Leon

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