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August 27, 2001

When we are out in the streets we must believe with all of our hearts that the very words of God are coming forth from our mouths or we might as well not be out there at all.

On August 25, our Lord sent out five warriors to do battle with the enemy and to take down the stronghold that covers this gate to hell. Victory was with Jesus, for His Word was preached to the customers and His Mercy was offered to them as well. We passed out four info-packets and I spoke to one customer.

She is a young girl of about 17 and her mother was bringing her in! She stopped for Mark and took a handout and talked to Mark for a couple of minutes, then Mark waved for me to come down. When I got there, I started asking her about Jesus and I told her about what Jesus wanted from her. She began to shed some tears and I asked her mother if she wanted this baby to die. Her mother would not answer me.

I told the girl that she did not have to do this, that no one could force her to and that Jesus would help her and I would help her too. She told me that she understood and I told her that Jesus loved her and that God the Father must think very highly of her to give her a blessing of an innocent child to care for and to love. I asked her not to kill the baby and I again reminded her of what Jesus wanted from her. She thanked me and went in the parking lot anyway.

We all gathered together and prayed for her. There were now ten customers in the parking lot and Betsey arrived to help with the counseling. I always look forward to her coming out. She is a brave and dedicated Christian and truly loves her Lord with all of her heart.

I preached to the people who were waiting outside to smoke and Betsey offered help and encouraged the boys to go in and rescue their babies. Two girls left before the abortionist arrived. Praise Jesus! His Word never comes back void.

Then I told Betsey about the young girl Mark and I spoke with and we gathered together and prayed for her. I asked the Lord for a spiritual assault, by having the blood of the babies to be placed on the walls and floors, and to have the stench of death to fill the entire building, and to have the sounds of the babies crying for mercy. We have prayed for these things many times before and the Lord has provided. Woman have left and told us they saw or smelt or heard what we asked our Lord for.

While we were praying I noticed that Bill and Mark were praying also and they were about 30 feet away from us. They ended their prayers at the same time we did. About two minutes passed by after I started pacing back and forth and begging Jesus to answer our prayers, when all of a sudden the girl and her mother came out and went to their car quickly.

They started it up and came down to us and the girl gave me a sign that she was keeping her baby. I could see that her mother was very mad and they sped off. Just then, the abortionist pulled in. I told him that Jesus loved him and that he must stop killing today and repent. The abortionist ran in hearing those words.

Jesus saved that girl's baby at the last minute. Praise Him! Praise Jesus! I believe if she would have been there when the abortionist came she would have killed her baby. I also found out from Bill that when we were praying for her and asking Jesus for all that we asked him for, he and Mark were asking for the exact same things! I did not tell Bill and Mark to ask our Lord for the same things that we did. The Holy Spirit did this amazing thing. Two groups of people 20 to 30 feet apart prayed for the same exact things from the Lord without even knowing it! Amazing, truly amazing.

Our God is a God of Signs and Wonders and He surely made one today. He is most worthy of our praise and worship and He deserves the Honor and Glory that comes from His Signs and Wonders, but what truly makes Him so wonderful is that He Loves us and He wants to have a relationship with us. He is a promise keeper and a covenant maker that you can trust. He is the only Hope that is worthy to be offered to these lost souls at the mills. He is the only healer and savior they need for all of their problems. He is the only one that can forgive them, for they have committed murder in their spirit before they even reached the mill. That is why He is there. He loves them. He died for them. He keeps His promise. All they have to do is believe Him and repent. Amazing how few will accept His offer of Peace.

Well, ten babies came and three babies left, leaving seven babies to die! Please pray for those who killed their babies and for those who sold their services so this horrible act could be accomplished. Pray for Jericho Mission. We pray for you. Pray for all of those lost souls who might find themselves where they should not be and thank Jesus always for loving you so.

In Christ Jesus Holy Name,
Dan LaFreniere

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