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August 6, 2001

On Saturday, August 4th, we had 34 people out at the Westside clinic! We had praise and worship songs playing, people reading the Bible out loud at the entrance to the mill, and a group of Catholics reciting the rosary.

A couple of young women in a black car drove slowly up the driveway, looking at the graphic signs. The girl in the passenger side began to cry. As they pulled into the parking lot, the sidewalk counselor had a chance to talk to them. She called out to the young girl who was crying and begged her not to do this to her baby and herself! She told her that God will provide a way out for her if she will just take the help that is available. The young girl listened as the counselor shared the pain of her own abortion and how she wished somebody had been there that day for her.

She still went into the clinic, but they came back out and got into the car. Then they drove up to the counselor and took the information, and told her that she was going to keep the baby, because the signs and the testimony touched her heart. Pray for Teresa as she will need support and encouragement.

A young couple pulled up in a pickup truck. They sat inside their truck, listening to the gospel being preached and the praise music, then went inside. Our sidewalk counselor tried to talk to them, but they just hustled inside. We continued praying for all those who were inside (as the doctor had not arrived yet).

Another couple pulled slowly into the parking lot, looking at the signs, then turned around and left. But they returned in about 15 minutes. They stopped and told the sidewalk counselor that they were married, but not ready for children. The young woman had tears in her eyes as she looked at the signs. I shared the fetal development facts with her and gave her a plastic model of an 11 week pre-born child. She listened, but the husband insisted she go in for her appointment. They came out in about 15 minutes and told me she wasn't pregnant. They took information about natural family planning and a salvation tract.

Then the couple in the pickup truck left and stopped and told me that they were going to keep their baby. They took information about the CPC, but said that they didn't need any help. The woman thanked us and left. God greatly blessed us by letting us have an impact on those couples' lives, and to God is the glory for the choice to choose life! Sadly, 9 other babies died that day.

Carole LaFreniere
Ft. Worth Pro-life Ministries

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