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OSA/Jericho Mission Street Report

Saturday, December 27, 2003 and Tuesday December 30, 2003.

This Saturday, eight of us came to stand for our Lord. Our group consisted of Brookes, Bill, John, Mark, Donnie, his brother Casey from Nebraska, Dan and myself.

The clinic escorts for once were on time: Diane and Joanne arrived about 7am. We began by earnestly seeking the Lord in prayer. As we prayed, the concerns and cares that we had brought with us to the clinic began to fall away, and our attention became focused on the task that the Lord had set before us. You could feel the presence of the Lord and His peace surrounded us. Our hearts began to break as we interceded for the customers at the clinic that day. We prayed that the love of Christ will shine through us, and God will anoint the preaching and the words spoken here today. Then Dan prayed for miracles and that is what the Lord gave us.

The very first car that stopped and talked to the counselor was a woman named Olivia. She listened and looked at the information, but pulled into the clinic anyways. For some reason, God impressed Olivia on all of our hearts, so we all began calling on God to rescue Olivia. Donnie, Casey and Mark went to the back and called out to her by name; they prayed and sang and preached.

A young lady exited the clinic and purposely walked up to the counselor. She said her name was Carmen, and she had changed her mind! We thrilled in that news, and I was able to talk to her for ten minutes before her ride arrived. She isn't a Christian so I got to share Jesus with her, and gave her my phone number and the information she needed for aid. She left after giving me a big hug, smiling.

While I was talking to Carmen, another couple left; they pulled up to Dan and told him that they had changed their minds. She was smiling and took the information and the phone numbers.

Donnie, Mark and Casey continued to intercede for Olivia. Just then, the clinic door opened and out came Olivia! She said she changed her mind. She was 18 weeks along, and needed medicaid forms, so I took her to the pregnancy help center to get her set up; she gave me a big hug as she left the center. While I was gone, another couple left choosing life, and two other couples just left without talking to us at all. What a wonderful day! We rejoiced in the kindness and mercy of the Lord! It is such a privilege to stand for Jesus at this place.

For the day the totals were 4 saves, 2 turn-aways and 8 left to die. We had no post-abortion outreach, because there was nobody to stay with me. The only reason we even have this outreach is due to the kindness of Karma Halbgewachs, who didn't want any women to leave without knowing that there is a God who loves her and a way back to Him. Karma just had the baby (who by the way is gorgeous, 8.5 pounds and his name is Isaiah James), and is unable to be out right now. If you would be interested in this part of the ministry, call Carole at 817-246-8137. We will be having a post-abortion training class in mid-January, both for the outreach at the clinic and taking the healing program into the jails. You do not need to have had an abortion to do any of this. You just need to have compassion for those who are lost, and believe that our God is big enough to redeem any mess we can make.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003.

Brookes and I arrived for the before work outreach this morning at 6:30. The place was packed! They had over thirty appointments. They were parking across the street, at the motel, in fire lanes.... We gave out lots of information; one couple chose life, two others left. It was the last day that the Westside will be performing late term abortions (RoNeil hasn't upgraded to an ambulatory surgical center; they will be referring all late terms to their West Loop Clinic in Houston). The totals were one save, two turnaways, 27 left to die. If you would be interested in coming out before work, call Dan at 817-246-8137 for the dates and times.

Carole LaFreniere

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