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December 4 through 21, 2000

•  Baby's life saved at breakfast
•  Baby saved behind street preacher's back
•  Connecticut Christians endure windy day to save a baby
•  Women lets her baby live after God sends a "sign"
•  Baby saved by saying "Good morning"?
•  Abortionist's baby born alive


Baby's life saved at breakfast

A life-saving breakfast happened on Monday morning in Southern California. Pro-life missionary Rose Mary Leon had breakfast with a woman we'll call "Sheena" who was considering abortion. Rose had met Sheena and her husband on Saturday outside an abortion mill.

Sheena couldn't understand why Rose was so concerned about her abortion decision. Rose explained that some of her relatives were killed in the World War II Holocaust, and that abortion is a modern holocaust.

Rose went on to say that women can become victims of this holocaust too, by being deceived into thinking abortion will solve their problems.

Rose said "God gives everyone special gifts, including the baby you are carrying. If you take a life uniquely imbued by God with special gifts, and you throw it in the trash, what does that say to God?" Sheena didn't respond. Rose waited in silence for a reply. After a few minutes, Sheena said "I know you're right, and I won't be going through with the abortion."

Sheena happily left that breakfast with a confident resolve that she would be keeping this child, her fifth baby.


Baby saved behind street preacher's back

Last Friday in Fort Worth, a young pregnant woman stopped in at a gas station on her way to an abortion appointment. As she poured herself some coffee, her attention was drawn to the sounds of Dan LaFreniere preaching next door, outside the abortion chamber. She could only see his back, but she listened carefully as he preached to a young man about having the courage to do what is right.

LaFreniere continued preaching, though it seemed to have little impact on the young man. Suddenly, he was startled by someone tapping his back. The young woman had walked over from the gas station to request a pro-life information packet. He asked her if she was going in for an abortion. "Not after listening to you--I changed my mind," she said.

LaFreniere gave the credit to God for saving this life: "The Lord took my words and sent them forward and then backward to reach this young lady. Praise the Lord!"


Connecticut Christians endure windy day to save a baby

With winds up to 60 miles per hour whipping through the community of Bridgeport, Connecticut this morning, about 35 gentle Christians were on the sidewalk outside the Summit Women's Center, praying for God to save the children who were scheduled to die inside. As the wind blew shingles off of a nearby building, it nearly blew away some of the large pro-life signs.

Meanwhile, five babies were killed inside the abortion chamber. A great-grandmother took her young granddaughter in to kill her great grandchild, saying that she could not be bothered with the adoption process. But at least one women changed her mind, and two others left without killing their babies.

Marilyn Carroll, one of the pro-life leaders, said "as disciples of Christ we have a God-given privilege and responsibility to help our nation regain moral integrity. These young people ... hunger for spiritual wholeness. They need caring Christians who demonstrate Godly choices and will walk with them as they confront tough decisions."


Women lets her baby live after God sends a "sign"

A woman who was planning to abort her baby on December 1 in Fort Worth, Texas changed her mind because she said God sent her a sign. What was the sign? It was Dan LaFreniere, standing on the sidewalk, preaching on love and family and offering Jesus to the women who were entering the Westside abortion mill.

As the woman and her husband pulled into the parking lot, she stared at Dan with her mouth open as if she had seen a ghost. Dan told her that the Lord loved her, and said that she would not stay long because she would open her heart to love and protect her baby.

After about thirty minutes inside, she came running down the parking lot to Dan and said "I prayed to God that He would send me a sign to stop me from killing my baby, and you are it. I knew from the moment I saw you that you were from God and my baby would live." She gave Dan a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, and thanked him.


Baby saved by saying "Good morning"?

Sometimes it doesn't take much to save a baby. Last Saturday in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, a young couple drove up to the local abortion chamber with a baby in the back seat. Rose Mary Leon, a pro-life sidewalk counselor, approached the car, handed them some literature, and said "Good morning. How are you?"

The couple pulled into the parking lot, but they never got out of their car. As they were driving out, they stopped and told Rose that they had come for an abortion, but changed their minds. They looked very happy about their decision to keep their baby.

Rose said "I didn't observe whether they read my literature or not. But praise the Lord for another life spared."


Abortionist's baby born alive

Joy Schepis thanks God for protecting baby Michael

A 7-pound, 6-ounce baby named Michael was born last Tuesday in White Plains, New York, after surviving an attempt by his abortionist-father to kill him in April.

Joy Schepis said she named her baby Michael "for the saint who fought off Satan." Michael has been given a clean bill of health by doctors.

Schepis had publicly pleaded for prayer following the attack, asking God to protect her baby's life. After the birth, she said "I'd like to thank [everyone] for their prayers. We're OK.... It was a long haul, but he pulled through."

The baby's father, abortionist Stephen Pack, has been charged with assault and committing an abortional act. He pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. He is scheduled to return to court next week.

[Editor's note: Anybody seen this mentioned on the news? I didn't think so. Even the New York Post article "forgets" to mention that the perpetrator of this act is a professional abortionist. But our nation's biased media is quick to gloss over the many ways in which our society's abortionists have proven their "mental defects."]

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