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November 2 through December 2

  • Abortionist's tardiness saves babies
  • Woman refuses to exit her car for abortion
  • Fort Worth baby saved by the preaching of God's Word
  • Woman almost tricked into helping to abort her grandchild
  • Man drives in circles to save his baby
  • Harley Davidson dad rescues his baby
  • Reckless driving incident helps couple to see the truth
  • 12/2/00

    Abortionist's tardiness saves babies

    In Lubbock, Texas, last Thursday, the local abortionist was two hours late for his abortion appointments. And as a result, babies who were scheduled to die remained alive.

    As one couple approached the abortion mill, a sidewalk counselor gave them an information packet, which included information on the local crisis pregnancy center. The couple tried to get in to the abortion chamber, but the four employees and security guard inside didn't bother to open the door. So, the couple drove away, waving to the pro-lifers, and went to the crisis pregnancy center.

    Two other women who were scheduled for abortions also left, and didn't return.


    Woman refuses to exit her car for abortion

    A man and woman drove up to an abortion facility north of Los Angeles last Saturday. A sidewalk counselor handed them pro-life literature and encouraged them to choose life for their baby, and then left them alone. The man got out of the car, walked to the passenger side, and opened the woman's door, but she refused to get out. For about 30 minutes, he tried to coax her out. At first he tried to be kind to her; he even got back into the car and cuddled with her for a while. But when that didn't work, he started swearing at her. Meanwhile, the pro-life Christians on the sidewalk continued to pray. The woman refused to budge. Finally, he gave up, and they drove away from the abortion center, with their baby still alive.


    Fort Worth baby saved by the preaching of God's Word

    Last Saturday in Fort Worth, Texas, a young couple drove up to the Westside Clinic, intending to abort their baby. As they approached the killing center, they noticed several large pro-life posters.

    The girl covered her head with a blanket to keep from seeing the signs, but her husband took a pro-life information packet from Dan, a local sidewalk counselor. After he parked the car, they didn't get out, so Dan began preaching to them, sharing God's concern for them and their baby. Dan spoke of God's laws, and talked about how a person goes to Heaven or Hell, and then he shared the Lord's love and mercy.

    After about 45 minutes, the husband waved for Dan to come over to the car. The man had tears in his eyes, and his wife was sobbing. He took Dan's hand and thanked him for being there, and for sharing the words of the Lord. He said that those words saved his baby.


    Woman almost tricked into helping to abort her grandchild

    A pro-life woman almost unintentionally helped to abort her grandchild last Tuesday. Her son's fiance told her that she needed a ride from the small town where they live to Bakersfield, California, to see a doctor because of bowel problems.

    But as her future daughter-in-law entered the waiting room, the woman noticed a Christian woman handing out pro-life literature, and a pro-life sign on the sidewalk. "Is this an abortion clinic?" she asked. She marched upstairs, and asked the girl "what are you really here for?"

    Then she brought the crying girl downstairs, and across the street to the LifeHouse, a pregnancy help center. After they saw a video about abortion, the girl said that she is definitely keeping the baby.


    Man drives in circles to save his baby

    A man tried to save his preborn baby's life by intentionally driving around the block a few times in Bakersfield, California, last week. Why was he driving in circles? Because he saw a large picture of an aborted baby outside an abortion facility. He knew his wife might be pregnant, and that she would want to abort the baby, so he wanted her to see what abortion really was. While they drove around, he noticed a "free pregnancy test" banner outside the LifeHouse pregnancy help center (which is across the street from the abortion chamber). He brought his wife to the LifeHouse, and they saw a video about abortion. And then she found out that, yes, she is pregnant. But the abortion pictures she saw got through to her. When a counselor called her a few days later, she said she was keeping the baby: "I'm not God, to take a baby" she explained.


    Harley Davidson dad rescues his baby

    Yesterday in Bridgeport, Connecticut, as about 60 Christians (including two senior pastors) prayed outside the "Summit Women's Center" abortion mill, a Harley Davidson motorcycle pulled in, and the "wild" man who was riding it rushed into the death camp to rescue his baby. "God uses all kinds," sidewalk counselor Marilyn Carroll commented with a smile. By the end of the day, at least three women had changed their minds, deciding not to abort their babies. Ten second trimester babies were apparently killed inside the abortion chamber.


    Reckless driving incident helps couple to see the truth

    A young man was cited for reckless driving near Appleton, Wisconsin yesterday outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill. His car had come within inches of hitting a pro-life missionary and a pastor, in an apparent attempt to intimidate them, because they were reading scripture, praying, and talking to women who were entering Planned Parenthood. The young man was also cited for driving without a license.

    But the pastor and the missionary agreed not to pursue a complaint against the young man if he brought his pregnant girlfriend to a local pregnancy counseling center instead of Planned Parenthood. The young man agreed, and after he and his girlfriend saw a video about abortion, and a counselor at the center showed his girlfriend the body of an actual 7-week baby in a bottle, he thanked the missionary and they agreed to see a local obstetrician for an ultrasound.

    He told the missionary "I had been looking for a quick fix, and I need to slow down and think about what we've learned."

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