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January 6, 2001 through March 10, 2001

•  Holy Spirit saves angry young woman's baby
•  Woman's third child saved from abortion in Buffalo
•  Baby saved after Connecticut Christians share the truth
•  Precocious preborn saves his own life
•  Baby saved in spite of "Right to Know" law
•  Connecticut storm saves babies
•  Down syndrome scare almost results in abortion
•  Cab driver tries to save a baby

Mar. 10, 2001

Holy Spirit saves angry young woman's baby

A young pregnant woman intended to abort her baby in Bakersfield, California, last Tuesday. As she entered the Family Planning Associates abortion facility, pro-life missionary Terri Palmquist tried to approach her on the sidewalk. But the woman shouted "get away from me!" at Palmquist, and hurried into the killing center.

A few minutes later, she came out to tell her friend what time to pick her up. Palmquist asked her "is there anything we can do to help?" The woman snapped back "yeah, shut your mouth!"

As the woman re-entered the waiting room, Palmquist said "if you go through with this, you will regret it someday, mark my words!"

As the woman began filling out her abortion papers, something inside her told her she couldn't have her child killed. About 10 minutes later, she came out again, and told the missionaries, "you guys must be doing something right, because I can't do it!"

In spite of this mother's initially hostile attitude, the Holy Spirit had broken through her resistance, saving her preborn child. And, at least two other children were also saved from abortion in Bakersfield on Tuesday.

Feb. 21, 2001

Woman's third child saved from abortion in Buffalo

A young woman intended to abort her third child in Buffalo, New York, last Friday morning, but she changed her mind after talking to sidewalk counselor Sharon Murphy.

The woman and her mother sat in their van in the abortion center's parking lot, as Murphy called out to them from the sidewalk. After about fifteen minutes, the woman and her mother began walking toward the door of the abortion chamber. As Murphy pleaded with them, they responded by walking over to talk to her through the fence.

The woman told Murphy that she was three months pregnant, but she couldn't afford to care for a third child. Murphy offered help, explaining that she knows people who would love to adopt her child, and saying that she would never forget this day if she aborted her baby.

The woman and her mother both began to cry, and finally she said that she would keep the baby, and thanked Murphy for being there. After the three women shared a tearful embrace, the pregnant woman left the killing center, determined to let her child live.

Feb. 20, 2001

Baby saved after Connecticut Christians share the truth

About forty pro-lifers gathered in the cold in front of Connecticut's busiest abortion mill last Friday morning. As a black couple in their twenties came for an abortion, they were intercepted by eleven pro-abortion "deathscorts," who combat the efforts of the pro-life Christians reaching out to the moms entering the killing center.

The deathscorts grabbed the girl's arm and told her not to listen to the Christians, as the sidewalk counselors displayed pictures of an ambulance taking a woman away from the abortion facility after being injured by an abortion. The couple also passed by a group of prayer warriors, pleading for them not to kill their baby.

About an hour later, the couple came out and told the sidewalk counselors that they changed their minds. The sidewalk counselors gave them a variety of literature, including helpful literature from the local crisis pregnancy center, and information about the abortionist, M. A. Blumenfeld, who is on probation for five years and cannot practice by himself. He has four formal complaints against him for negligence and incompetence.

The couple left in a taxi, determined to let their baby live.

Feb. 12, 2001

Precocious preborn saves his own life

A precocious preborn baby apparently rescued himself from an impending abortion last Tuesday in Bakersfield, California. While the baby's mother was in the Family Planning Associates abortion chamber's waiting room, waiting to be called in for the abortion, she sensed something she had never felt before: her baby inside was moving. This was quite remarkable, considering the fact that she was only three months pregnant!

The baby's mother immediately knew that she couldn't go through with the abortion, and she left the abortion chamber, going across the street to the LifeHouse pregnancy help center, where she received prayer and a baby gift.

Two other women who intended to abort their babies last Tuesday in Bakersfield also changed their minds after talking to the LifeHouse's "pregnancy evangelists."

Feb. 9, 2001

Baby saved in spite of "Right to Know" law

While a Wisconsin law failed to save a baby yesterday, an encounter with a pro-life missionary succeeded. The child's parents traveled from Green Bay to Planned Parenthood's Appleton North abortion center for abortion counseling, as mandated by the "Woman's Right to Know" law. A counselor inside the abortion mill used the fetal development pictures in the state-mandated booklet to convince the woman that her child wasn't really a baby yet.

As the couple left, they still planned to abort their child.

Missionary Mark Gabriel approached the couple, offering literature about the risks of abortion along with a model of a preborn baby. Gabriel told them that no matter what they looked like at two or three weeks, if their mothers had aborted them at that age, they wouldn't have seen the light of day. Then he left, and said he would be praying for them. About 30 minutes later, the young man said "we decided not to do it," and the young woman gave Gabriel a big hug. They left in a happy mood, promising to bring the baby by after he is born.

Jan. 20, 2001

Connecticut storm saves babies

A winter storm yesterday in Connecticut spared at least 13 babies from being killed by an abortionist. Adverse road conditions apparently prevented the abortionist's attempt to drive from Hartford to Bridgeport.

But even though the abortionist didn't show up, pro-life Christians were on the sidewalks outside the killing center in Bridgeport, offering help to the mothers who were considering abortion. At least two of the mothers changed their minds, making a commitment not to follow through with their abortion plans. The other moms left with their babies still alive, and received helpful literature from the Christians on the sidewalk.

Marilyn Carroll, one of the pro-life leaders in Bridgeport, exclaimed "We praise God and thank Him for the mighty things He did today."


Down syndrome scare almost results in abortion

Fears of having a Down syndrome baby motivated a woman in Bakersfield, California, to plan an abortion for her 18-week preborn baby last week. Her concerns were caused by the results of a genetic screening test.

A three day procedure would be necessary, she was told by a staff member at the Family Planning Associates abortion chamber, who coldly said "we give the baby a shot in the heart to kill it." But before she went through with the abortion, she was encouraged by a friend to contact LifeSavers Ministries.

Terri Palmquist with LifeSavers told her that the genetic screening tests can be inaccurate, but that God has a plan for the baby's life, even if the child is not perfect. Terri also located a woman who said she would be willing to adopt the baby.

After talking and praying with Terri, the woman decided that God wouldn't want her to abort the baby. An ultrasound on Friday revealed a normally developing baby, indicating that the baby only has a 1 in 1000 chance of having one of the four most common genetic problems. During the ultrasound, the baby greeted his mother by waving at her. Maybe it was his way of saying "thanks, mom."


Cab driver tries to save a baby

A cab driver in Buffalo, New York, picked up a man and a woman on December 27. As he drove them to their destination, he noticed that the couple was arguing. It seemed that she didn't want to go where they were going.

As the taxi cab pulled up to the address the man requested, he noticed a group of people on the sidewalk, some of whom were holding signs about abortion. The woman said she didn't want to have an abortion, but the man insisted.

The cab driver cried "if I had known that you were going to an abortion clinic, I would have refused to take you." He would not accept the money for the fare, saying that he was a Christian and the blood of this baby would be on his hands. In spite of the cab driver's pleas, the couple entered the abortion chamber.

The cab driver called 911, explaining that he believed the woman was being held against her will. The police went inside, but left after about 15 minutes without anyone.

A few minutes later, a different cab stopped in front of the pro-life group. A woman in the back seat thanked them for being there, and said "I have changed my mind, I'm going to keep my baby."

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